Supernatural cleaning products are all natural and smell amazing

Supernatural is not a brand that likes to splash around. When they made a commitment to being a supplier of all-natural, eco-friendly, and safe cleaning products, they made it out of nut soup. It doesn’t just mean natural ingredients in all of their hand cleaning and sanitizing products. That means fully recyclable shipping and packaging materials, fully reusable sprays that you buy once and then refill with concentrates, to make your own batches of glass, tile, countertop and floor cleaner at home.

Focusing on the parquet cleaner here, you will be pleasantly surprised by the smell of the cleaner as you spray it on – after you’ve been in awe of the bottle for a long time (ergonomic triggers, etched frosted glass), the product real will also be a revelation. I am familiar with the scent as we use this product weekly, but just opening the bottle now I would define the aroma as a blend of pine, mint, pepper and a lemon / grass scent. This powerful (but not overwhelming) scent comes primarily from extracts of lavender, palmarosa, basil, peppermint and fir.

If this sounds more like an aromatherapy essential oil blend than a cleaning product ingredient list, you are right. Floor cleaner is intended to “purify the floors in your home with [their] exclusive blend of carefully crafted medicinal plants … [as the] the aromatherapy properties replenish your energy and senses, so that your mind, body, and spirit feel as stable and calming as your floors.

What I do know is that in simple terms the stuff smells good. And it works just as well as any wood floor cleaner we’ve tried, from equally safety-conscious brands to decidedly cheaper but decidedly chemical-laden floor cleaners. The cleaner cuts through dirt, lifts stuck bits and leaves the wood with a healthy shine and a clean feel underfoot. In other words, it works.

(Plus, just the fact that these guys tagged the web address is really impressive on its own, right?)

Supernatural Cleaning Starter Kit

Large Wood + Floors 8 oz Cleaner Concentrate

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