Supreme Court dismisses Stormy Daniels libel lawsuit against Trump

The Supreme Court on Monday dismissed Stormy Daniels’ libel lawsuit against President Donald Trump.

The porn star, real name Stephanie Clifford, sued President Trump in 2018 after tweeting a suggestion she was lying about being threatened by a “stranger” in 2011 for her alleged affair.

The case was dismissed in lower courts and she took it to the Supreme Court for appeal before judges dismissed her petition without comment.

The case arose after Daniels posted a sketch of the man she said threatened her in a parking lot and ordered him to ‘leave Trump alone’. The alleged confrontation came as Daniels sought to publicize the story of his extramarital affair with Trump, ”Hill reports.

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Trump tweeted about the sketch at the time, writing “A sketch years later of a nonexistent man.” A real scam, playing Fake News Media for fools (but they know it)! ”

The sketch looked exactly like her husband Brendon Miller.

A California federal court ruled that his tweet was an opinion and therefore protected speech.

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