Supreme Court may let Trump count ‘illegal aliens’ – for now

The US census returned to the Supreme Court on Monday, as so-called “conservatives” sought to radically change 200 years of and exclude undocumented migrants from the official census used to distribute representation in Congress.

The results would be dramatic: States with many “illegal aliens” California, Florida, Texas and New York would lose their representation. States with fewer undocumented , who happen to be older and whiter, would benefit. Indeed, we learned in a shocking 2019 memo from late Republican agent Thomas Hofeller that the whole idea of ​​this change was to benefit “non-Hispanic whites.”

Based on Monday’s oral arguments in the , Trump vs. New York, it seems almost certain that the Court’s 6-3 Tory majority will give Donald Trump a temporary victory – signaling Twitter’s exclamation marks – but, in the end, another defeat. Or, as Trump would say, Awesome! then Sad!

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