Supreme Court rules Trump’s taxes can be transferred to far-left ax man Cy Vance to find something to charge him

The United States Supreme Court ruled today that President Trump’s taxes can be remitted to New York District Attorney Cy Vance so he can raise charges against the former president.

The media insist the ruling doesn’t mean Trump’s taxes will be released anytime soon, but we all know they will.

So it’s now legal to dig into anyone’s taxes and fabricate a crime?

NBC News reported:

The United States Supreme Court on Monday refused to block a New York grand jury from obtaining personal and business tax returns from President Donald Trump, a decisive defeat in his prolonged legal battle to keep his tax records out. from the hands of investigators.

The ruling doesn’t mean the returns will become public anytime soon, and they might never be made public. Under state law, documents handed over to a grand jury must be kept secret. But Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance can now ask Trump’s accountants to turn over documents the president has steadfastly refused to turn over to prosecutors or Congress.

“The work continues,” Vance said in response to the Supreme Court order.

Vance is seeking tax returns spanning eight years for a grand jury investigation into silent payments and other financial transactions.

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