Surveying the Landscape: Reflections on COVID, the Great Reset, and the Prophetic Picture of the Last Days

The Middle East – Israel’s retaliation for the Hamas / Iran rocket launches on the Golan Heights (- A reminder that concerns over COVID have not cooled this conflict Ezekiel 38-39 – The scenario – Precedes the Daniel’s 70th Week (?) – A coordinated attack by Israel’s surrounding neighbors (Iran and proxies, Turkey, Ethiopia, Libya, possibly a number of some of the former Iron Curtain countries of Eastern Europe), led by Russia / Magog and his Prime Minister / Gog – God will push them back to manifest to the nations, and his own people that He is Lord – The conflict can be ended by a local nuclear exchange (Ezekiel 39: 9- 16 can allude to this?) 1. America and Saudi Arabia on the sidelines? – The Saudis may not want to side with Israel in a fight against its Muslim brothers – It is not difficult to see how a possible Biden administration would have neither the backbone nor the loyalty ty Israel to come to its aid in such a conflict – A weak American resolution would be sufficient motivation for a Russian-led incursion 1. At the local event will help it inaugurate world unity and the ultimate world leader – If, in fact, nuclear weapons are part of the scenario, so a call for unity to prevent a future nuclear conflict could remove many obstacles to global governance. Global Unity 1. The Great Reset – a fourth industrial revolution, calling for further breakthroughs / radical changes in thinking regarding: economy, environment, technology, geopolitical realignment, and more – This has been the decades-long effort of the World Economic Forum, under the leadership of its founder and president, Klaus Schwab 1. COVID-19 – The vehicle that can lead the world to global governance – Citizens of almost every country are subject to closures and forced government-imposed quarantines – The crushing effect on economies has built an even stronger dependence on the government – A second shutdown under a Biden administration could be the straw that breaks the back of the American ‘camel’, leading us to integrate into the desired world ized society 1. Fear: a powerful motivator – The response of world leaders to COVID-19 has prompted many in the world, who would normally have taken the precautions and the standard approach to similar pandemics, to become willing to do whatever these leaders tell them … all out of fear – Fear is a powerful tool in the hands of leaders who lead a program.In the end, Satan uses this fear masterfully to lead the world toward his final rebellion against God (Psalm 2, Revelation 20) – culminating in a one world government, under the leadership of a man possessed by Satan , the Antichrist – Mark on the right hand / forehead, without which you cannot participate in the world community, etc. – Many things that we see today (compulsory vaccinations, etc.) condition agents towards allegiance to this world leader The place of the Christian 1. In the end, there is no place for the Christian – John 17: – When God begins to pour out his anger (Rev. 6-18), the believer will not / cannot be here (1 Thess. 5: 9) 1. For now, we have a very important – Our citizenship is in heaven (Phil. 3:20) – Ambassadors for Christ (2 Cor. 5: 18b-21) – Now is the time to prioritize the Gospel Other links: Who or what Does Antichrist: About Mark of the Beast: World Economic Forum: The Big Reset: Chapel of Calvary Franklin: Parson’s Pad Home:.
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