Swamp pushes fake QAnon threat to keep DC under ‘occupation’ – Dateway

Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-Florida) suggested Thursday that Capitol Police and Democrats extol QAnon’s bizarre online theories to justify keeping Washington DC under “occupation.”

Following an article in Newsweek that highlighted how some QAnon supporters believe President Trump should be “ resettled ” on March 4, Capitol officials and Democrats used it as a to keep the troops and barbed wire barriers in place.

In a hearing on Wednesday, the Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Adam Smith, said: “Some of these people understood that apparently 75 years ago the president was inaugurated on March 4. OK, now why this is relevant, God knows, anyway. , now they’re thinking maybe we should come together again and the Capitol on March 4th… It’s circulating online.

Representative Gatez responded on Twitter:

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky) responded to Gaetz, suggesting that the “ swamp ” creatures use the “ threat ” of the conspirators to take away freedoms:

The comments from representatives come days after an email leaked suggesting there are plans to keep the National Guard in Washington beyond the previously discussed March 12 deadline, and throughout the summer of ET of autumn.

A FOX 5 report cited an internal email seen by reporters that revealed that the National Security Council is asking the Defense Department to engage Capitol Hill police on post-March 12 support planning.

Deputy Defense Secretary for Homeland Defense and Global Security Robert Salesses said on Wednesday that Capitol Police had requested 4,900 troops to remain in Washington until March 12.

General Russel L. Honoré has been selected for the Capitol Security Review by Nancy Pelosi as part of a partisan dissent clean-up in America.

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