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The current Parental Code came into effect about 70 years ago and is largely based on “the traditional nuclear family with a mother, father and children”. According to Swedish Minister for Gender Equality Åsa Lindhagen, families today can be different and children can be born in different ways.

The Swedish government has launched a special investigation to make national legislation gender-neutral, national broadcaster SVT Nyheter reported. Among other things, this should erase the notions of “father” and “mother” from the Parental Code.

The current Parental Code originally came into effect on January 1, 1950 and remains largely based on “the traditional nuclear family with a mother, father and children”.

As same-sex marriage and adoption by same-sex and lesbian couples are legal in Sweden, the wording of the legislation will be subject to review.

According to the Minister for Gender Equality, Åsa Lindhagen of the Green Party, the words “mother and father” can be used “without fulfilling any function”.

“The law has been corrected and amended in different ways, but we need legislation adapted to the current reality. Today families can look different and children can be born in different ways, ”Åsa Lindhagen told SVT.

Other things to consider are the possibility of adopting each other’s children after a separation and ways to end parenthood.

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“Important day for all Rainbow families! We are now taking steps to adapt the legislation to reality. Families look different and society should not discriminate against people on the basis of gender or sexual orientation. Simple as that, ”Lindhagen tweeted, adding a rainbow flag.

Åsa Lindhagen herself is openly bisexual and has two children with a wife, from whom she is now estranged. By her own admission, she wants to make things easier for herself and for the other “rainbow parents”.

“I had to formally adopt the child that I had not carried as a parent, and of course it is a very strange situation to adopt your own child. I could also feel a lot of anxiety before the full adoption because I had no legal rights, ”Åsa Lindhagen admitted to SVT.

According to Lindhagen, rainbow families can face many problems. Among others, there are families where more than two adults assume parental responsibility.

“This can also be valid for families where the parents live in a heterosexual relationship and where there is a bonus father or mother with whom the child has a very close relationship,” Lindhagen explained.

The of the investigation will be communicated no later than June 2022.

Sweden is considered one of the most progressive countries in Europe when it comes to LGBT rights and gender equality. Same-sex marriage has been legal since 2009, while gay and lesbian couples can adopt a petition since 2003. In Eurobarometer 2019, 98% of Swedes believe that gay and bisexual people should have the same rights as heterosexuals, the most bred in the European Union.

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