Ted Cruz agrees to plead Trump’s case in Pennsylvania before SCOTUS – Dateway

After urging the Supreme Court last week to take up the Trump team’s appeal in Pennsylvania, Texas Senator Ted Cruz now says he is ready to argue the case before the nine justices of the high Court.

On Monday, the former constitutional attorney told Fox News he would personally plead Team Trump’s legal case challenging the constitutionality of Pennsylvania’s Law 77, which amended mail-in voting laws through legislation rather than by a constitutional amendment.

“The petitioners’ legal team asked me if I would be willing to argue the case in the Supreme Court, if the court grants certiorari,” Cruz said in his statement to Fox.

“I accepted and told them that, if the court takes the appeal, I will be ready to present the argument,” confirmed the senator from Texas.

Last Wednesday, Cruz explained in a press release that he believes the United States Supreme Court should hear the Trump team’s emergency appeal due to possible violations of the Pennsylvania Constitution and the states. -United.

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In his letter, Senator Cruz explained that Democrats subverted the legal process by allowing universal postal voting through a bill passed in October 2019, even though changes to electoral laws require constitutional ratification, according to the constitution of the state.

“The Pennsylvania Constitution requires in-person voting except under limited and defined circumstances,” said Cruz. “Late last year, the Pennsylvania Legislature passed a law purporting to allow universal postal voting, notwithstanding the express prohibition in the Pennsylvania Constitution.

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