Teen allegedly vandalizes own SUV with anti-BLM, pro-Trump graffiti – Dateway

An 18-year-old man in Buffalo faces fraud charges after he allegedly vandalized his own vehicle with hate messages.

Clifton Eutsey blamed Trump’s white supremacists on October 15 after claiming to find his 2004 BMW X5 spray-painted with graffiti laden with profanity, including homophobic slurs, badly drawn swastikas, messages KKK and anti-BLM.

The front windshield was smashed and sugar was also poured into the gas tank, according to a police report.

Pro-Trump slogans were also spray painted on the vehicle, including messages that read “Vote 4 Trump” and “Trump for the President!”

According to WGRZ, Eutsey’s fees include:

  • Third degree insurance fraud, a class “D” crime
  • Offer a fake instrument for second degree deposition, a class “A” misdemeanor
  • Second degree forgery of business documents, a class “A” misdemeanor
  • Falsely reporting a third degree incident, a class “A” misdemeanor

Although Erie County District Attorney John Flynn has claimed there were footage proving Eutsey’s fault, his attorney pleaded not guilty and he was released with a scheduled court appearance on January 11. 2021.

Eutsey was also jailed on October 24 after a traffic stop in which police said he did not have a license and had two loaded illegal handguns, the prosecutor said.

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“If found guilty of all charges, Eutsey faces up to 7 years in prison,” comments WGRZ.

Although Utsey may have hoped to defraud his insurance company, he was content to add to the growing list of hate crimes mistakenly fabricated and blamed on supporters of President Donald Trump.

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