Teenage babysitter murdered in Pumpkin Patch allegedly by car thief Trevor George

A man accused of strangling and shooting a heroic teenage babysitter who tried to stop her from stealing a truck from a Colorado countryside property, where she was caring for a young child, has been apprehended.

Trevor George, 32, was taken into custody on Friday and charged with car theft and first degree murder for allegedly killing the babysitter and attempted first degree murder for allegedly attempting to kill the girl under the care of the babysitter. Local media also report that he is charged with possession of a weapon by a former offender and assault in the first degree, as well as four counts of threatening crime.

George was gunned down and apprehended at a Shell gas station after several law enforcement officers followed him in the stolen car.

According to family members of the child in care, the babysitter, who has not been identified at her family’s request, ran outside when she heard George trying to rob a truck parked in a pumpkin patch that surrounded the house, according to the local. media reports.

After the babysitter – who was a family friend – screamed, George allegedly strangled her and then shot her before entering the property to attack the young girl. The child’s mother then returned home to find the babysitter dead in the driveway and George attacking her daughter. The mother told police George threatened to kill her before escaping to an adjacent property and fleeing the scene. The child and his mother then hid in a crawl space in the house until the police arrived.

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