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I don’t know about you, but while spending all day in slippers is nice, I just can’t do it. It’s kind of like sweatpants when this all started: it was fun for a while, but it’s not durable and normal pants eventually won out. It’s the same with shoes: I don’t need full fall boots, but slippers don’t cut them. Fortunately, I recently discovered the Teva Ember Moc, which is the only shoe I will wear the rest of the year.

The Teva Ember Mocs are my shoe of choice right now and here’s why: They’re both slippers, shoes and a sleeping bag for my toes. While Teva may make you think of summer, exposed toes and Velcro straps, they created the shoe almost exactly the opposite. While you might expect a plush interior, you’ll find it somewhat lacking. But that’s fine – that’s what you want in a shoe that’s shoe and not a slipper. Despite this, that doesn’t mean they aren’t terribly hot inside. Instead, the sleeping bag-like liner is microfiber. Not only does this keep stinky feet at bay, but it also insulates really well and is really gentle on my toes. The midsole is light and cushioned, and there’s even traction on the bottom. The sockliner is also responsive, so you don’t feel like you’re slipping all day, but rather a little pizzazz in your step. Oh yeah, the heel does collapse so you can put them on and take them off easily.

They come in several different colors, from Medallion, Burnt Olive, Fired Brick, to Midnight Navy. While they’re not as committed to comforting a slipper, they don’t need to be. These are shoes that you can wear anytime, anywhere. And that’s exactly what I need right now.

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