Texas Attorney General Pledges To Fight Big Tech Censorship With Everything He Has

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on Saturday vowed to fight Big Tech censorship with all he has.

“Twitter / Facebook closing conservative acts. Google stops Talking. Apple is threatening to do the same. BigTech hates freedom of speech. As we enter the Biden era, they are ready / willing to be the Chinese thought police of the left. As a GA I will fight them with whatever I have. – said Ken Paxton.

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Twitter purged President Trump and thousands of Tory accounts on Friday.

Due to Big Tech censorship, Parler is now the fastest growing social media company.

On Thursday morning, Parler CEO John Matze made a bold statement on its rapidly growing social media platform and condemned the censorship of Facebook and Twitter.

24 hours later, Apple and Google threatened to ban Speak unless they censor and displace those who don’t align with the Communists.

On Friday night, Google followed through on its threats and banned Talk from the Google Play Store.

Amazon is now targeting Speak for Ruin.

A group of Amazon employees belonging to “Amazon Employees for Climate Justice” called on the company to stop providing cloud service to Speak after the U.S. Capitol riots on Wednesday.

Talking had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the riots, but that didn’t really matter to these people.

They want the Conservatives and Trump supporters to be crushed.

Apple suspends Talking from the App Store citing “ threats of violence on the platform ”

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