The A is for? : An S2E7 podcast | The big reset

Subscribe on YouTube – Follow @OddSquadFamily Facebook – Instagram – Twitter – Soundcloud – Website – Odd Squad Family is an independent hip-hop group from Phoenix, Arizona. Made up of 3 very unique individuals, Nubs, Snowman and A-Factor turn heads everywhere they go, and not just because of their looks. Their content is an inspiring mix of positive vibes and classic hip-hop influences intertwined with a fresh, modern delivery. Odd Squad Family had been a force at work in the Phoenix hip hop scene in 2016, and with the release of their 1088 Mixtape, it was clear the family wasn’t playing. By creating a buzz and grabbing the attention of hip hop producer AKT Aktion, the team signed a production-based deal that gave them the resources they needed to excel as independent musicians. Soon after, OSF released their first single with AKT Aktion, New Ish, in January 2017. The explosive reaction to the video on Facebook put it on the fast track to becoming a viral sensation, and the Squad’s Facebook page gained the upper hand. 20,000 fans the first week. Since the release of “New Ish”, the team have released a few singles ahead of the release of their debut studio album, Welcome to the Family, released on October 3, 2017. Welcome to the Family is available on all major platform streams such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play to name a few. Find out today! NEW ALBUM AVAILABLE NOW! Spotify: Apple Music: Google Play: iTunes: @OddSquadFamily Also everywhere else, music is sold or streamed !! .
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