The authoritarian threat in this country is not socialism

It’s amazing to me how much the word ‘socialism’ impacted the 2020 elections.

You would think America was on the verge of becoming Venezuela. We are not. Yet socialism is one of those loaded words that, when thrown out of context, scares people. When you read about it in other countries like Europe or Canada, however, it’s not that scary.

What I find interesting and frankly alarming is that if tens of millions of our fellow Americans fear socialism, they somehow cannot see Donald Trump’s authoritarianism. A man who, in real time, undermined our free democratic elections. Who refuses to admit that he lost the election. Who attacks our intelligence agencies and public health officials. Who fired military and internal security personnel. And who called on the militias to “liberate” the states from federalism. Yet its supporters laugh at socialism – and loudly.

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