The best coffee table books to own or give as a gift 2020

I’ll be the first to admit that I have a problem with hoarding books. And it’s not just the ones I read on my commute or in bed at night. These are the big coffee table books honking their horns that I literally never read and certainly don’t put on my coffee table (nobody?). But they are so pretty! They are like the formal living room which is nice to look at but no one ever uses it except on special occasions. Coffee table books might be my Achilles heel, but they also make great gift ideas for anyone who appreciates the finer things in life. We’ve put together a list of the best gifts to give this year.

1000 places to see before you die (deluxe edition)

If you want to get some oohs and aahs get this book from someone. Whether they’re already a world traveler or dreaming of becoming one, this great book examines hidden gems across the world and combines travel information with stunning photographs.

Bill Cunningham: in the street

When it comes to street fashion photography, Bill Cunningham was the crème de la crème. His iconic blue chore coat and bike remain as iconic as his ability to capture fashion icons (known and unknown) in a spontaneous way that made them feel effortless, always.

Resident dog: amazing homes and the dogs that live there

I mean, if your recipient is a fan of beautiful homes, lovely dogs, or both, this is the perfect gift. Sniff around the architects’ houses and appreciate the dogs that reside there too. It adds a little more warmth to the typical interior design book.

Game of Thrones: A Guide to Westeros and Beyond

There must be a Game of Thrones fan on your roster, and this book takes an in-depth new look at the important characters, important landmarks, and important plot points of the series. It’s a real guide to everything Game of Thrones is about.

Le Corbuffet: Edible art and design classics

For the foodie in your life, here is another delicious take on the quintessentially designed coffee table book. It includes the Frida Kale-o salad, as well as the Robert Raucschenburger. Do I have to say more?

Cabin Porn: Inspiration for Your Quiet Place Somewhere

Whether you know an adventure seeker or someone who appreciates solitude, this book is for them. Filled with cabins in idyllic locations, this book of craft cabins might inspire them to create their own little respite in the .

You’ve heard of wine and cheese pairings, but what about wine and music pairings? This collection brings together classic records from the 1950s to the 2000s and shows you the best cocktails and alcoholic drinks to pair with. It’s about setting the mood, are you digging?

Marvel Encyclopedia, new edition

Look, even if the stage that Marvel comes out of as a movie ends, there will still be those who can’t quite the comics. This all-new edition of the Marvel Encyclopedia features essential facts about all of the most well-known superheroes (and villains), plus an intro from the late Stan Lee to round it off.

Accidentally Wes Anderson

With a foreword by Wes Anderson himself, this collection started out as a personal travel list and has grown into one of the most popular blogs on the internet. Now, in coffee table book form, this book contains over 200 idiosyncratic spots that appear to have been taken from a Wes Anderson movie. Whether you know a Wes Anderson fan or just someone who loves to travel, this is for them.

The World Whiskey : New Edition

This is basically the ultimate whisk (e) y book for every type of drinker. It explores the intricacies of liquor and what the added “e” really means. Learn which flavor profiles you can pick from a good sip versus one on the rocks.

Andy Warhol – From A to B and versa

Discover the life and inspiration of one of the most prolific artists, Andy Warhol. This book compiles a review of his and delves into new research and materials that range from his commercial illustrations in the 1950s to his revolutionary paintings of the 1980s.

Radiant: farm animals up close and personal

Got an animal lover on your list? Bring portraits of farm animals into their homes with this unique book. With stunning photographs and interviews with farmers and ranchers, this is a collection of animals up close and personal.

Silent kingdom: a world beneath the waves

There’s a whole world beneath the waves that looks like an alien planet. Silent kingdom is a stunning collection of black and white photographs that showcase the lights and shadows that only our oceans can create.

If you have a boss on your list, gift them this great, trusted book. In the company of women is a collection of words and photos to give everyone the inspiration and advice they need to pursue their dreams.

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