The best shampoo for an oily scalp is Target’s Purifying Micellar Scalp Shampoo

Have you ever had something in your life that just said “Hey, that’s gonna do”, even though you aren’t in love with it? It was me with shampoo. Until recently I had long hair – at longest I could tuck it into my jeans – so shampooing was a source of contention for me. I have never found one that allows me to implement a healthy and easy hair routine. Nothing seemed to clean my hair well enough that I would go more than a day without washing it, which isn’t good for anyone’s hair, let alone my thin, textureless strands. But I finally figured out what I was missing, and that was micellar water.

Kristen Ess Purifying Micellar Scalp Shampoo

When I went in search of my next shampoo, I knew I wanted to try something different. I immediately turned to Kristen Ess Purifying Micellar Scalp Shampoo and knew it might be the solution to reducing my hair washing tasks in the morning to just once a week. Already a fan of micellar water for makeup removal, I had high hopes that this shampoo would do the same for my scalp as micellar water for my skin, which it does. It gently removes dirt and buildup without removing your hair from its natural oils.

The shampoo comes in a very nice bottle, shaped like a squeeze condiment bottle. It has a narrow spout that opens, allowing me to part sections of my hair and apply the shampoo directly to the source of my hair frustration (I have an oily scalp that soaks up dry shampoo like a sponge) . It lathers well, especially if you use a silicone scalp brush, and smells like an expensive salon – I sincerely wish they would make a scent of it. After a shower my hair is smooth, bouncy and soft and I can easily wear it the next day without the need for a dry shampoo. And even when I resort to a dry shampoo spray, my hair stays shiny and soft for the rest of the week. If you’re looking for a shampoo that will help you reduce how often you wash your hair while cleaning and nourishing it, this is it.

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