The big 2021 reset explained !! Mr. Perfect

The big 2021 explained !! Mr. Perfect So what’s the big of 2021? The big of 2021 and the demise of the petrodollar. Today’s currency collapse goes unnoticed due to the that the pandemic overshadows ALL NEWS! Once this 2nd wave, the hysteria begins to subside, and the US election fiasco is settled; Watch the media the undeniable fall in the US dollar. The whole parade of Klaus Schwab: The Great is to deliver the Great and Noble Lie to the masses of people who absolutely sleep with their eyes wide open! The big reset idea has been promoted by the US government and for many years since 1971, when Nixon made the decision to take the dollar off the gold standard, causing an exponential increase in external debt that will not be. never paid: over $ 27 trillion and in cash. To this debt must be added the total domestic debt. Debt including mortgages, credit cards, debts, etc., is $ 74 trillion. This represents over 400%. 100 of GDP, and how much of that debt will become bad debt? The United States does not collect enough revenue to pay the interest on the debt, so it continues to print or borrow money from China to pay the interest. It is a fact that the United States cannot pay its external debt of $ 23 trillion and that the American internal debt is unplayable or bad. Now has not 1 but 2 Economic Time Bomb pandemics. It’s no surprise, then, that the World Economic Forum is actively promoting the Big Reset as an excuse to get rid of U.S. and corporate debt. US and corporate debt continues to grow exponentially, and at some point it will be so large that just rolling it over becomes a problem. The government will hit a debt wall and probably reduce private debt as well. This will lead to default on the debt; An economical reset. We must remember that the World Economic Forum is DAVOS. And Klaus Schwab, a man who received a dollar award, is its sole founder and creator. No matter how popular the conference is as THE meeting place for the people who matter, it is run by an NGO that owns Geneva, controlled by the same clique previously responsible for the League of Nations and currently controlling the majority of the permanent bureaucracies of the UN. The big reset, however, is an ideological imposition. It is best to read the very comprehensive descriptions available on the World Economic Forum website to appreciate the global power they are looking for. Nothing less than the way the People’s Republic of China is run. One party to rule us all. .
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