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Our world has changed, we face greater challenges, the wealth gap between the 1% and the rest of the 99% has grown tremendously, it cannot be reversed… unless… we press the button of reset. Win 💲💲💲 Short Polls: In this video, I’ll walk you through what exactly the Big Reset is, what it means to you, and my thoughts on the Big Reset.

‘ The Big Reset 2021 is a proposal from the World Economic Forum to rebuild our fragile economy in a more sustainable approach as we let’s move beyond the Covid-19 pandemic.

Unveiled by Prince Charles of the United Kingdom and Klaus Schwab the Director of the World Economic Forum

What is the World Economic Forum?

It is an international organization for public-private cooperation. Political, business, cultural and other issues are presented to world leaders in the hope of improving our world and our economic industries as part of Great Reset Davos.

The World Economic Forum suggests we have a unique opportunity to shape post-pandemic recovery. As world leaders seek to determine the future state of global relations, the direction of national economies, societal priorities, the nature of business models and the management of global resources. You can see why this concept was given such a bold title of “Great Reset” Great Reset Explained – a one-way ticket to a new world order through great government socialism?

It depends on your perspective on our current economic affairs Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada fully supports the reset, he had this to say: “This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset” “this is our chance to accelerate our pandemic pre-efforts to re-imagine economic systems that truly respond to global challenges such as extreme poverty, inequality and climate change ”.

Justin Trudeau is not the only political leader to support the construction of a redesigned economy, US President-elect Joe Biden endorsed the idea of ​​”building back better”, as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Great explained Reset – involves the government creating a new Economy, which works for the people and is supposed to be more sustainable than what we currently have in place. I am a big supporter of financial independence.

The very nature of free market capitalism implies that those with more assets will continue to thrive, while those with more liabilities will continue to struggle, the government has little or no control over how those assets are divided If the government supports the whole economy, could decide which companies to support.

Who can supervise the assets and to whom no assets are allowed? Think about covid-19 lockdowns, the government decided which regions to shut down, which businesses would remain open, which jobs are essential. May impact housing market The US government has released its latest economic relief package, including billions of dollars in aid to the airline industry.

The government has chosen to provide assistance to the sector. The lockdowns really allowed us to get a feel for the relevance of this type of economy if the government maintains full control under the “Great Reset”, “New World Order” or whatever phrase you want to use. Disclaimer:

This channel is for educational purposes only and the opinions expressed in this video are based on personal research and should be treated as such. These are not instructions, suggestions, or instructions on how to manage your money. The facts and figures shown in this video are up to date based on the recording. These may have changed depending on when you watch the video.

Always do your own due diligence! #GreatReset #NewWorldOrder #NewEconomy.
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