The big reset is lame

Have you heard of the World Economic Forum? What about the big reset? Not much to say … They are assholes who want to run and rule all aspects of your life. They will take your life without killing you. These globalist assholes are incapable of a minimum of human emotions such as love, fairness and happiness. So they hide their insecurities by chasing absolute power and control over YOU, the people. Get Epidemic Sound Subscription and Help Me Get One Month FREE: Rover 1 Discord: Rover 1 Instagram: Main Instagram: SUBSCRIBE LostFart: Rover 1 Project: Jeep ZEDJAY: AX-15 Swap: ZJ Ford 8.8 Swap : For The Dumb People (FTDP): Freesound (background audio): Xbox Live: Original fessA Steam: coleboyko (search fessA) *** FOR ANY AUDIO / VIDEO I MAY USE *** Disclaimer under ‘Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, permission is given for fair use for such purposes as criticism, commentary, reporting, teaching, scholarship and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright law which might otherwise infringe. Nonprofit, educational or personal use tips the scales in favor of fair use. Documentaries to Watch: 1. Earthlings 2. Cowspiracy 3. Forks Over Knives 4. Vegucated 5. Food, Inc. 6. Speciesism 7. The Cove 8. Blackfish 9. Planeat 10. Gary Yourofsky – The Most Important Speech You Will Hear never For businesses inquire:
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