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The British government has always planned passports for vaccines – Dateway

Despite the constant denial of its intention to do so, the UK government has planned the rollout of vaccine passports from the start, prompting accusations that “the Covid passes are surrounded by government cover-ups, lies and shady deals.

Privacy Watchdog Big Brother Watch mentions an article in the London Guardian today which details how the vaccination passport system was at an advanced stage in December when ministers told the there were no plans for them .

The article quotes a government report dated December 17 from the Swiss consulting firm Zühlke Engineering, the same company involved in the UK’s NHS track and trace application.

The Guardian notes that the document “details into possible attitudes towards a Covid certificate, sometimes referred to as a national Covid passport. This would use vaccine status, a recent negative Covid test or proof of antibodies to the coronavirus to allow people to get to potentially crowded places when the country opens up.

The report also included diagrams of an app-based Covid certificate with scannable QR codes, all connected to the NHS app.

This almost exactly reflects what the now official COVID pass looks like:

As Summit also reported in December of last year, the UK government hired several companies to develop COIVD ‘freedom passports’, which would be used to separate society between those who have been tested or vaccinated. against COVID and those who haven’t.

Simultaneously, a source from Deprtment of Health said: “She is investigating if this would be possible”, but urged “There are no plans to introduce immunity passports”.

The plan has always been to develop an app-based system to embed a QR code linked to a digital passport, which will be used to enter clubs, venues, cinemas, virtually anywhere in .

As as November we reported on these plans, and then in January it became clear that vaccine passports were being rolled out.

Throughout this sad saga, government ministers have engaged in cognitive dissonance, immediately admitting that vaccine passports are being introduced, but then suggesting that they are not, in fact, vaccine passports.

A little over a month ago, it became clear that the system would apply even to pubs and restaurants.

Then, a fortnight ago, Prime Minister Boris Johnson suggested that pubs could use vaccine passes at their discretion, prompting a huge backlash from homeowners and punters.

Johnson then backtracked on the suggestion last week, announcing that pubs and restaurants would be exempt. The strategy is clear, threaten the worst, then when a bone is offered it looks like a concession has been made so that the people will accept the system as a whole.

Now the government has announced that the public will be “urged” to take TWO Covid tests EVERY WEEK in order to re-engage in society.

Where does it end?

The answer is with digital face scans for entering pubs, concerts and sporting events.

National and international biometric identification all eventually interconnected and connected to a Chinese-style social credit scoring system.

It’s not too late to stop this nightmarish future from unfolding.

British ministers are ready to vote on the vaccine passport system and could defeat it, killing the system, at least in the short term.

Groups like Big Brother Watch need support in their efforts to avoid a two-tier society.

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