The costumes are fine, but the musicians are hurting

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When I made the decision to quit my last job and become a full-time musician in 2003, it was scary for a few months. But, I soon realized that the psychological, spiritual and emotional benefits of devoting my time to creating music, art and live entertainment far outweighed the financial “stability” of working a 9- job. 5. That, or bending over backwards for advice in the service industry. This kind of work is great for some, but I never fit in.

Seventeen years later, the world faces a disease that threatens lives as well as livelihoods. I was on tour in March when the country started to shut down. In fact, every venue we played closed two days later, and we didn’t cancel our last show until March 14 in the Midwest. We felt like an indicator species, like bees that act erratically before a natural disaster. My shows were finally canceled for the rest of the year.

My industry recently did its accounting for 2020, and due to lockouts and cancellations, the live performances grossed around $ 2 billion instead of the $ 12 billion predicted, according to Pollstar. That’s $ 10 billion with a “b” for lost opportunities.

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