The customizable grill gift set is perfect for your barbecue lover friend

The designated grill; the head chef; the ultimate master of meat. No matter what you call them, every group has one. They are the ones who take the helm when the grilling season begins. While the rest of the barbecue guests mingle and drink a few pre-meal drinks, they are the ones who work tirelessly on a hot grill and they never complain, pout or ask for a single thank you. Now that the holidays are upon us, take a moment to show your foodie friend how much you appreciate their efforts. This customizable grill gift set from Etsy is the ultimate gift for the grill master in your life.

Inside the high quality maple wood travel case, you will find stainless steel tools including tongs, spatula, brush, fork and knife. There are also four steel skewers, as well as a bonus silicone glove that is heat, slip and water resistant. Simply put, the set includes everything your friend needs to prepare for a storm when the opportunity arises. Whether it’s basting thin cuts of meat with the brush or skewering skewers, the kit includes a premium tool that will get the job done in style.

You could tell that the box has your friend’s name all over it. Why not make it a reality? You can personalize the exterior of the maple wood box with an original engraving of the recipient’s name. There are 24 designs to choose from, including cross broil tools or a name emblazoned with a flame. Pick the one that best suits your friend’s style, then tell the designer which name you want to include. If none of the available options appeal to you, contact the seller to get a fully custom design engraved on the box instead. The next time you have the option of increasing the heat, there will be no confusion as to who will take the grill.

EngraveMyMemories Grill Gift Set

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