‘The deal has already been done’, and there are ‘big things happening in the next few days’ – Dateway

President Donald Trump told a Fox News reporter that he believed the “case” of electoral fraud “had been brought” to the American people, and that it would now be a matter of continuing this matter, apparently before state legislatures, courts and potentially before the Supreme Court of the United States.

The Fox News reporter asked the president, “Are you trying to try to change the outcome of the election, or are you trying to make the case to the American people that it was not a fair election?”

“Well, I think the deal has already been done, if you look at the polls,” the president said, intervening. “It was a rigged election, if you look at the different states, the election was totally rigged.

The President added, “It’s a shame for our country, it’s like a third world country, these ballots are pouring in from everywhere using machines no one knows about, property no one knows anything about.”

“They have problems, as they call them, problems, the problems weren’t problems. They got caught sending thousands of votes, all against me by the way. President Trump added, “It was like in a third world country, and I think the case has been presented, and now we are finding out what we can do about it. But you will see a lot of great things happening over the next few days. “

It is unclear what developments President Trump might foresee. A Pennsylvania case may soon go to the Supreme Court, and Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has already agreed to represent the camp alleging widespread voter fraud. Additionally, Georgia state legislators are circulating a petition that would allow them to convene an extraordinary session of the Georgian legislature without the governor’s permission. Across the country in Arizona, two lawsuits filed by the Arizona Republican Party are moving rapidly through the court system, and GOP Chairman Kelli Ward called on lawmakers to open an immediate legislative hearing on the electoral fraud which would give them the power of subpoena.

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