The Delicious World of Food Clues in Crossword

You usually don’t have to worry about eating before solving a crossword puzzle, as there will likely be food in the grid for you to eat anyway. Surely you’ve seen many pieces of EDAM cheese in grids over the years, but our menu in last week’s puzzles included AHI Tuna, PHO, and NAAN.

As with the names of geographical places in the grids, food can also be a gateway to discovering the world at large. Builder Sid Sivakumar keen to leave Indian food to solvers in his puzzles, and not just the famous NAAN and ROTI: DAL, IDLI, DOSA, LASSI and many more have already done one of Sid’s puzzles or will do so soon.

Speaking of LASSI, don’t forget the drinks: Generics ALE, TEA, NOG, and COLA are commonly seen in crossword puzzles. NEHI is practically the unofficial crossword puzzle soda, with BARQ’S a fun runner-up with its unusual Q-not-follow-by-aU. OUZO is a favorite liquor, with its many vowels and rare letter Z, and SKYY vodka is fun with its double Y. AGUA in Spanish is also commonly seen.

And for dessert? ECLAIR and SMORES have pretty letters and are seen often, but no one can beat heavy vowel OREO – a super-popular ending suitable for a crossword meal, because, like a crossword puzzle, it’s also in black and white.

What food would you like to see on a grid? Tweet it to #beastxword and our chefs will make it happen.

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