The dem CA representative who took Dana Rohrabacher’s seat after dirtying it as Russian agent loses reelection – Dateway

Democratic Representative Harley Rouda entered Congress in the wake of the Russian hoax in 2018 shamelessly smearing Representative Dana Rohrabacher as a Russian agent.

“Dana Rohrabacher is under investigation for conspiracy with [the Russians] Yet Donald Trump and Dana Rohrabacher have continued to lead us back to Vladimir Putin’s side on US interest, ”Rouda said in a shameful defamation ad in January 2018.

“I am going to Congress to get us to forward in Washington… not to be in complicity with Putin,” Rouda said.

On Tuesday, Rouda officially lost her race to Republican challenger Michelle Steel, who had Rohrabacher’s backing.

Steel narrowly beat Rouda 49.1% -50.9%.

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Rouda conceded the race to Steel on Tuesday afternoon.

In other positive news, Republican Darrell Issa is also returning to Congress in California.

Issa, who is a Lebanese-American, was notably near-murdered by terrorists from the Jewish Defense League in 2001.

Republicans reversed 9 seats for a net gain of 6 seats in California.

As I reported last week, Californians strongly rejected an effort to repeal the state’s ban on affirmative action.

The decision to restore racial discrimination was strongly pushed by in the name of the fight against racism.

Perhaps the outrageous by and . Gavin Newsom to decriminalize men who have sex with boys right before the election was a step too far, even for Californians!

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