The director of ‘The Bye Bye Man’ was 56 – Dateway

Oscar-nominated filmmaker Stacy Title died today after a three-year battle with ALS, which longtime manager, production partner and friend Dannie Festa confirmed to Dateway. She was 56 years old.

Title, whose father was a commercial producer, grew up in New York. She entered the shop with one shot; The first produced work of the title, the short film from 1993 Down by the water In 1994 she received an Oscar nomination. In the same year she made her directorial debut with The last supper with Cameron Diaz.

The title began to deal with the horror genre in 1999 Let the devil wear black which she also wrote down, and that in 2006 Snoop Dogg’s hood of horror, until she was successful with the 2017 Goodbye man.

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But just as great opportunities for the title opened up, she also made her episodic directorial debut in 2017 Freakish – Tragedy struck.

In August 2017, Titel was left behind in a car accident. After noticing small changes in her walking and speaking patterns, Title underwent a series of medical tests. She was diagnosed with ALS in December 2017. Doctors suggested that the car accident could have triggered the neurodegenerative and fatal disease in their system. ALS devastated Title’s body with terrifying speed. She couldn’t walk until March. Until September 2018 she could neither speak nor swallow. She was on a feeding tube and a ventilator.

Still, Title persisted and planned to make one last film. Walking Time Bombstarring Jason Alexander, Cary Elwes and Bob Odenkirk. Unfortunately, the film was not made, but Title’s courage and determination not to be defined by her disability earned her industry respect and admiration.

For the past three years, Title has become a disability attorney in Hollywood, running ALS PSAs.

In her struggle, Title was supported by her husband for more than 30 years until the end, Survivors Alum Jonathan Penner, himself a writer-producer who co-wrote a number of game and television projects with Title, including Let the devil wear black and the top-class WB Lone ranger Pilot.

In addition to bums, her two children survive the title.

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