‘The Eric Andre Show’ is the only late-night show crazier than a Trump rally

Each and every season of The Andre is an embarrassment of wealth. Take the time as Lauren Conrad sprinted for the exit after starting to squirt her own vomit, TI got angry when a PA emerged with his cock hanging out, or her chaotic exchange with Mel B of the Spice Girls to find out if Margaret Thatcher had “girl power.” This season, its fifth, features a new addition to the highlight reel: the sheer, abject horror look on actress Judy Greer’s face as she watches Andre swallow a tall glass of her nanny’s diarrhea. .

“It’s a haunted house for sure, and that’s what we’re aiming for – the most ,” André tells me. “Do you know when your computer is running?” We try to get them to reel and capture it on camera. “

Andre reveals that he typically interviews celebrities for over an hour, subjecting them to a carnival of indignities until they finally crack, and editing it in the best of minutes. While some famous people are in the joke, like Seth Rogen or Tyler the Creator, most of them aren’t, and their terrified reactions are the real deal.

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