The far-right is already preparing a post-riot sequel

As law enforcement took over the Capitol building on Wednesday night, the far-right coalition that had violated the building turned to its leaders for clues about their next actions. These messages were muddled, as the movement sought to emerge from a day of unprecedented destruction.

The far right has spent months organizing and announcing a series of increasingly chaotic pro-Trump rallies in Washington, DC, culminating in Wednesday’s attack on the Capitol. Prior to the January 6 putsch, organizers announced plans to “occupy” the area outside the Capitol building, while others “MAGA Civil War January 6 2021” screen-printed hoodies to wear to the event.

But their invasion of the Capitol, against a lackluster security force, did not stop Congress from certifying the victory of President-elect Joe Biden. On the political rear foot, but annoyed by the attack on Capitol Hill, the far right reflected on a series of new rallies and conspiracy theories in favor of Donald Trump.

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