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This article is a summary. I have written extensively on each of the five key events.

ONE: The false statement that a new virus has been discovered and isolated.

No real isolation was carried out. The so-called genetic sequencing of the virus was actually a concoction, an assembly of pieces of data referencing segments of RNA. These segments were presumed to be part of the new virus, but the researchers did not have the virus, so their presumptions amounted to fraud.

TWO: Setting up a diagnostic test (PCR) for the virus they didn’t have. Obviously, no such test makes sense. It is based on the same kinds of absurd assumptions that led to the fictitious discovery of the virus. However, strategically speaking, the test produced millions of “positive results”, which are considered “infected with the virus”. Based on this sand, the locks were declared.

THREE: The Chinese lockdown of 50 million citizens, without medical reason. This unprecedented event served as a model for other governments, as well as the CDC and the World Health Organization. It was now “acceptable” to imprison the world’s population and wreak economic havoc on the whole planet.

FOUR: The absurd computer prediction of 500,000 dead in the UK and two million in the US, made by historic failure modeler Neil Ferguson. His institute at Imperial College London is funded by Bill Gates. Ferguson’s predictions were used to convince Trump and Boris that states of emergency and lockdowns were necessary.

FIVE: The forced premature deaths of millions of older people around the world – who have been falsely referred to as “COVID-19 deaths”.

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These people were and suffer from multiple long-term health problems, made worse by decades of medical treatment with toxic drugs. Terrified of being diagnosed with COVID, then isolated from family and friends, they give up and die.

There are of course other important events, but these are the top five.

The underlying fact that needs to be understood: what’s called COVID-19 is not a condition. This is a variety of illnesses and effects from different traditional causes RE-PACKAGED under the “COVID” label.

When new genuine conditions and causes may be involved, independent investigators should take a close look at these groups of people, wherever they live. For example, investigators need to know if toxic vaccination campaigns were launched in a community or region before the “COVID epidemic” was declared.

Here is a short piece of fiction I wrote at the start of the “pandemic”. It paints a much different picture of COVID events. At that point, I was hoping the “white hats” would crush the senseless lockdowns and economic devastation. It never happened. Instead, high-profile business leaders gladly gave in and took their turns in the trough of the bailout.

Coronavirus and X-24 Island

There was a small island.

Surprisingly, no country has claimed it. He just stayed there. It didn’t matter. Geographers were annoyed at not having a name. In 1998, they named it X-24.

123 families lived there. They emigrated from 14 countries.

During the onset of unrest in China in 2019, 19 citizens escaped the Wuhan lockdown and ended up on the island in a makeshift small boat, which shattered to pieces near the shore. The resident families welcomed them without fanfare and offered them accommodation in huts on the north side of the island.

The islanders farmed on their tiny farms, raised chickens and ate eggs. There was no government. Families met once a month to discuss any issues that may have arisen since their last reunion. They did not vote. They used common sense. They were sane people. They had no ideology. They had no phone, no computer, no electricity.

One of the newly arrived Chinese women explained in a meeting the coronavirus, the epidemic, the lockdown, the testing. She asked if anyone was concerned that his people might have brought the virus with them. The islanders looked at each other and shrugged. They didn’t seem interested.

Three weeks later, an article appeared in the mainland Chinese press about the X-24 and the 19 fleeing Wuhan residents. It was picked up by a cable service and then reposted by a number of outlets around the world. It didn’t turn out to be a big story.

However, a boat quickly arrived on the island. A Chinese official and a US CDC public health official stepped out. Several conversations followed. Both bureaucrats feared the virus had come to X-24. Residents said they were not traveling and had not even fished. Why not? No one had an answer. Bureaucrats collected rainwater samples from a backyard container. They took a look at all the residents of X-24 and saw that they were in good health. They took throat swabs from the 19 new Chinese residents. There was a bit of tension when the Chinese official told these Wuhan escapees that they were living illegally on the island and had to return home. Chinese residents said they wouldn’t, but they had no intention of causing any problems. The visitors are gone.

A week later, at a meeting at government offices in Wuhan, the CDC and Chinese scientists told a city deputy mayor that nine immigrants out of X-24 had tested positive for the coronavirus. A call was immediately made to the national government’s public health and safety and the news was reported. Two later, a message came back: Leave the people on X-24 alone for now.

The Beijing government has raised the issue of the X-24 in several committees. A decision has been made. The drones would do high overflights and monitor the island. No one would be allowed to leave him.

Three months later, with the world on lockdown, a small, elite government committee met in Beijing. The news: everyone in the X-24 was going about their daily business. No sickness has been observed, even among the elderly. No one had tried to leave the island. No one practiced social distancing. People met and mingled as usual. A message from CDC / WHO was read: He expressed concern about the X-24. People positive for the virus could not be allowed to live outside the bounds of control. We had to do something.

Three weeks later, residents of the X-24 observed a group of armed boats approaching. Maneuvers were performed and the craft made a ring around the island. They sat about 20 miles offshore. They stayed there.

This operation was noticed by the press. The history of the X-24 has made a brief, limited comeback. INFECTED PEOPLE LIVING ON AN ISLAND. FORCED QUARANTINE. A few journalists attempted to obtain information on the condition of residents of X-24. They could not.

CDC meetings have taken place. The bottom line was: these people stay healthy. There is no sign of a problem. No sickness. No sickness. “What if THIS becomes a story?”

The problem has been referred to the Chinese and US military. Very private meetings took place. “We could launch a drone missile attack and eliminate them.” “We could send a kill-team.” “How about a massive fire? Drop some arsonists. “Spray them with nasty chemicals. They’ll have a lot of trying to breathe, they’ll foam at their mouths and die.”

But in the end, the military held back. A message from a carefully guarded private source came down the line: “Leave them alone. Remove the stupid ships. Observe drones. Don’t attack. They are considered experimental subjects. They constitute a control group. At least a few of them are expected to get sick, according to CDC projections. So far, this is not the case.

… A year later, on X-24, the Chinese woman, who initially told the islanders about the coronavirus, wrote in the diary she kept: “The mainland madness is only a faint memory. . My mother here is 93 years old. She is in fairly good health. A few people get sick, of course, and then they get well. Nothing unusual. There were two deaths last year. A Frenchwoman and an American. They were both 80 years old. I helped their families to put them at ease. I did not see any sudden illness of the lungs. I loved all of these islanders from the start. I feel close to them now.

Old habits die hard. She looked around her little cabin, as if a government authority might be present. She walked over to the pile of stones in the corner, where a low fire was burning. It occurred to him that there was no point in continuing his journal. She leaned down and placed him in the flames and stared at him for a minute. The past was over.

Nothing bad had happened on the island.

Back at the CDC, a private scan was performed. Nine mitigating factors were listed as to why no one on the island had fallen ill with the virus. The conclusion was that the island was not a correct representation of the real world. The scan was sent online to the guarded source who had ordered the ring of ships to back down. He read the CDC analysis.

He returned a message. “I didn’t ask you to cover your ass or justify your role in this fiasco. Your so-called mitigating factors are a pot. Apparently you can’t be honest. So let me send you my analysis. The people on X-24 didn’t get sick because they didn’t get sick. Take away the promoted fear, diagnostic testing, treatment with toxic drugs, and other falsely labeled COVID damage, and you have nothing. I see why you were bothered by the story of X-24. But then, considering healthy people who stay healthy has never been your strong suit, has it? You have gone too far. I should let go of my dogs.

One of his colleagues entered the hammam, took a pitcher of water and poured it on the rocks. Steam and the rocks hissed. Wrapped in white sheets, the two men sat down side by side.

“Did you rip a new one?”

“I gave them food for thought. These people are incorrigible. They really are.

“When our friends arrive tonight, we’ll discuss the situation.”

“Yes. Recess is over. The bureaucrats have shut down business. The products must flow. The money must flow. They don’t understand that we are the engine of the world, for better or for worse.

“We’re going to educate these little bureaucrats. They march by thinking they are princes. They will pay.

Steam spread. The men were invisible.

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