The fraudulent stench of election day – Dateway

Tensions were high in Washington, where anti-BLM mural activist Bevelyn Beatty was popped by the BLM and stabbed along with proud boy leader Enrique Tarrio, resulting in hospitalization with serious injuries.

Election Day had been rife with incidents of voter fraud, and while America slept hundreds of thousands of votes were cast out in favor of Biden.

In Milwaukee, where the count was delayed until 3:30 a.m., Biden suddenly had a 4.1 point lead.

And in Michigan, more than 100,000 votes went to Biden while zero went to any other presidential candidate, including Donald Trump.

These are statistical impossibilities stinking of fraud.

They would have you believe that ballot fishing is common practice.

But even the closest election in modern history between JFK and Nixon in 1960 was called at 7 a.m. the next morning, and even that race was marred by fraud but far from the 2020 election.

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