The GOP’s awkward break with Trump

The Trump show was canceled by the American people, but you wouldn’t know it by talking to many Republican lawmakers or die-hard fangirls – and the Proud Boys – descending into the nation’s capital at the behest of the most painful of all losers , the outgoing president himself.

On Tuesday, members of the House of Representatives will take on one of their most solemn – and usually boring – tasks: simply counting the electoral college’s votes. This quadrennial dance has probably been commonplace and mechanical for decades. And it will be this time around, even if grassroots Republicans in the House and Senate pout and may protest the results of multiple states, a move that could delay the inevitable for six hours, or even Thursday.

The open secret here in Washington, DC – even among Republicans carrying the last jugs of the President’s water – is that everyone knows how it ends: President-elect Biden will have his victory codified.

Just because everyone knows the outcome doesn’t mean the president doesn’t want to throw one last made-for-television carnival (even though he’s distorted accompanied by angry protesters, countless police officers, security doors, the National Guard and the threat of violence, such as the last time many Trump fan clubs came to town).

Republicans pampering his obese ego do so for a number of reasons – political ambitions, a voters’ fear of Trump that is closely linked to the fear of Trump himself, and perhaps a few who don’t think about those responsible. locals – whether Democrats or Republicans. -can count. But unlike the lemming-type ass kisses the GOP has exhibited over the past four years, what’s remarkable this time around is that many Republicans openly oppose the more powerful thumbs and the baby who cry the loudest on the planet.

Predictably, this puts them in an impossible position with their own GOP voters being asked to believe a grassroots Republican rather than the President of the United States of America.

This becomes embarrassing for many as they have to do what Democrats, independents, public health officials, foreign leaders, doctors, academics, intelligence officers, officials, junior employees and the press corps have been trying to do since Trump. strolled through the White House: They’re just trying to point out that the sky is blue.

This was proven outside the Capitol on Tuesday where Senator Kevin Cramer (R-ND) was surrounded by more than 25 of his voters. As the sporadic sound of car horns from a pro-Trump and anti-China trailer echoed nearby, Cramer answered questions from his constituents who traveled to Washington to support the President’s latest Trump-height myth. and to personally pressure lawmakers like Cramer to put personality, party and power first.

After Cramer left the open-air town hall meeting, The Daily Beast asked him how the conversation went with his constituents who disagreed with him. He was unfazed.

“They’re trying to shoot me that way, but, like I say, you know, there are two things: my conscience and the Constitution. And my reading of the Constitution and my reading of the Holy Spirit is to do the right thing and then explain to you, ”Cramer told The Daily Beast as he walked through Capitol Park. “I don’t have to convince anyone. I just need to be able to sleep well at night.

Cramer knows his audience, but he’s still opposed to the president’s latest ploy, despite his constituents’ staunch support for the anti-democratic ploy.

“The easiest vote in the world would be to do what the vast majority of my constituents want me to do. It would be easy, but when, you know, I read this Constitution – and its clarity – and think about my oath. I just couldn’t with a clear conscience, ”Cramer .

Over the past few weeks, he has spent time looking at the 12th Amendment, talking to lawyers and discussing the issue with colleagues. He firmly believes that he is right and that the president whom he supports most of the time is wrong.

“There’s nowhere in there that says you do anything but count them. Unless there are less than 270 or there is a tie, “Cramer .” There is nothing in there about objections … I think it’s up to the courts to decide whether a voters list was or was not fraudulently elected and should not have been certified. It is certainly not our job to do this.

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