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Are you surprised by the sudden collapse of America?

In the past 12 we have witnessed the public health crisis in 100 years, the lockdowns that were instituted to the pandemic resulted in the economic recession since the Great Depression of the 1930s, civil unrest generalizations broke out following George. Floyd’s death has not ceased since, and we are now witnessing the greatest political unrest since the Civil War.

Despite all this chaos, many Americans remain absolutely convinced that America’s greatest days are still ahead.

For them, the current issues we face are just minor hurdles down the road that will soon be resolved as we continue to move forward towards an incredibly glorious future.

Personally, I don’t see how that makes sense, but there are millions and millions of people who actually believe it.

Of course, millions of other Americans believe that we will surely reap what we have sown. Over 60 million unborn Americans have been slaughtered since 1973, just about every form of wickedness you can imagine is absolutely exploding in our society, and we continue to push God out of all aspects of public life.

Does it make sense for God to bless us more than ever before, when we have completely and utterly rejected Him as a nation?

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Once upon a time, America was a Christian nation, but it is definitely no longer. But for those who still claim to be Christians, a great debate about the future fate of our nation rages on, and recent events have brought that debate to the fore.

On the one hand, there are believers who are convinced that it is the end times that are described in the Bible. Jesus warned us that the times just before His return would be the most difficult in all of human history, but He didn’t want us to be afraid. He wanted us to know that He knew all of these things ahead of time, that He has a plan and that He is in .

In Matthew 24, Jesus warned us that there would be “pestilences” in the last days. Of course, we are already going through the COVID pandemic, but in my new book I explain that a lot worse is to come.

The Bible also talks about the economic turmoil of the past few days, which definitely picked up speed in 2020. Americans have filed over 70 million new unemployment claims, and it was by far the year in the whole history of the United States. . Unfortunately, this is only the beginning. In my new book, I warn that things will continue to deteriorate and conditions will eventually become so dire that we will actually see famine in the United States.

In the book, I also have an entire chapter on civil unrest. So many people have had supernatural experiences in which they were shown the great civil unrest that was to come to America, and now civil unrest is in the headlines daily.

In the future, there will be more wars, unprecedented natural disasters, nightmarish plagues and great chaos all over the world.

But despite all the signs that have already come true, many Christians absolutely refuse to believe that these are the end times. Instead, they are absolutely convinced that we are heading straight for times that will be more glorious than ever.

So why do so many people believe this?

Now, it’s because of a relatively new theology that’s been spreading like wildfire in recent years. It’s called “Kingdom Now Theology,” and that’s how it’s described on a Christian apologetics website called “Got Questions”…

Kingdom Now theology is a theological belief within the charismatic movement of Protestant Christianity, primarily in the United States. Kingdom Now supporters believe that God lost of the world to Satan when Adam and Eve sinned. Since then, according to theology, God has tried to restore over the world by seeking a special group of believers – known as the “covenant people,” “conqueror,” or “army of Joel” – and who ‘Through these people, institutions (including governments and laws) would be placed under the authority of God. The belief is that since believers are inhabited by the same Holy Spirit that inhabited Jesus, we have all authority in heaven and on earth; we have the power to believe and to say things in existence that are not, and so we can bring about the Kingdom Age.

At the heart of this theology is the belief that things will get better and better as Christians gradually take of all areas of society.

Ultimately, supporters of this theology believe Christians will eventually literally take charge and establish the Kingdom of God on Earth. Once Christians have taken it all back, they will simply hand over the keys of the Kingdom to Jesus once He finally returns. Here are more of “Got Questions” …

Among the most controversial tenets of theology is the belief that secular or non-Christian society will never succeed. Therefore, Kingdom Now opposes a separation of Church and State. Other beliefs include the idea that, as the Body of Christ, we are Christ. In other words, we have his divine nature. Proponents of the Kingdom Now teaching also do not believe in the rapture, which is explained as a feeling of rapture or excitement when the Lord returns to receive the kingdom from our hands. In other words, everyone will be “caught up” emotionally when they return. Also among unbiblical beliefs is the idea that all prophecies about future Israel – both in the Old and New Testaments – actually apply to the church.

Kingdom Now, theology sees the Second Coming of Jesus in two stages: first through the flesh of believers (and especially the flesh of today’s apostles and prophets), and then in person to take over the kingdom given to him by those who victorious (the “victors”). Before the second coming, the overcomers must purge the earth of all evil influences. Kingdom Now claims that Jesus cannot return until all of his enemies have been placed under the feet of the church (including death, presumably).

This is the reason why some Christians are so obsessed with politics right now. They literally believe that our politicians will be used as instruments to establish the Kingdom of God on this planet.

Of course, all of this is the complete opposite of what we find in the Bible. Jesus will not return to a planet filled with peace and prosperity because believers have succeeded in establishing a political “Kingdom of God” around the world. On the contrary, the entire book of Revelation and other passages through Scripture make it very clear that the last days are going to be the times in all of human history.

Unfortunately, the reason the theology of Kingdom Now can flourish is that so many people are biblically illiterate today. The proponents of this theology depend on the fact that people do not know their Bibles and that they have become masters of telling people what they want to hear.

For millions of American Christians, it is very appealing to hear that everything is going to be bigger than ever and that Christians will literally take over the entire planet.

To many, it certainly much more attractive than suffering, persecution, and martyrdom.

It is no accident that many of those who teach “Kingdom theology now” also teach “the prosperity gospel.”

When the prosperity gospel began to gain tremendous popularity in the 1980s and 1990s, leaders of the movement struggled to align this message with what the Bible has to say about the end times.

They needed a new end-time theology that matched the prosperity gospel, and “Kingdom Now Theology” ended up fitting the perfectly.

The only problem is that it is completely and totally wrong.

Sadly, “Kingdom theology now” has in fact become the dominant view in many evangelical circles today.

So even though the signs of the end times are happening all around us, many Christians are in a state of deep denial, and they are going to be completely blinded by the historic events that are to take place in 2021 and beyond.

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