The Great Global Reset: Covid-19 | Warren Fernandez | ST editor says

With major disruptions in the way we live, work and play, 2020 is the year of the big global reset, says ST editor Warren Fernandez. Maybe we would all like to hit the reset button and come back to life before Covid-19, but what we need to do is look ahead and think about what 2021 might look like. Read the story: How has world affairs been “reset” by US-China relations? What does this mean for Singapore? To help readers navigate the big changes happening both globally and locally, The Straits Times is hosting a webinar series called ST Reset 2021 in the coming weeks to put the news into context. The webinars will cover a range of pressing issues such as the post-pandemic labor market, cybersecurity and health. Editor Says is a weekly series where ST Editors provide their thoughts on the week’s top news, why it’s important, and what’s next. ——————– SUBSCRIBE ➤ ——————– WEBSITE ➤ TWITTER ➤ FACEBOOK ➤ INSTAGRAM ➤ PODCASTS ➤ TELEGRAM ➤ The Straits Times, SPH’s flagship English daily newspaper, has served readers for over a century. Launched on July 15, 1845, its comprehensive coverage of world news, news from East Asia, Southeast Asia, home news, sports news, financial news and updates. Lifestyle Update makes The Straits Times the most widely read newspaper in Singapore. .
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