The great New York reset

The Great Reset has totally changed the way New York City operates. Rents are plummeting, people are now working from home and location doesn’t matter as it used to be. The city is even considering transforming offices into apartments, which would lower rents even further. BUT is it all worth it? *** Comment on Rent City: (you could win a month’s rent free!) Want me to help you find an apartment in New York? You can have a range finder like the one I use in the video. * Don’t Visit an Apartment Without One: Like this video if it helps you get excited about New York, and subscribe so you don’t miss the sequel as I make videos like this every week! If you need help finding an apartment or want to rent this one, send me a DM on Instagram @iamcashjordan 1-Click to Subscribe: 🔔 @iamcashjordan on instagram EVERYTHING I use to shoot and edit my videos :

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เศรษฐกิจ โลก 2021 The Big Reset: คน เคาะ ข่าว 02-12-63

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