“ The hypocrites who pick and choose their favorite protesters ” (VIDEO)

Since the incident on Capitol Hill last week, the liberal media have lost their minds.

You may have noticed that these same people had a very different reaction to this compared to the riots that we have seen throughout the last year as Antifa and BLM burned down various American cities.

This week on The Five, Greg Gutfeld made a rant about it.

The Blaze reports:

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Fiery Greg Gutfeld destroys ‘media hypocrites who choose their favorite protesters’: ‘it’s a red America’

Host “The Five” this week delivered a passionate 4-minute tirade on the importance of condemning all political violence.

“Vandalism and looting, whether it’s in DC or Portland, SoHo, Kinosha, Minneapolis, Seattle – it’s all bad no matter who does it,” Gutfeld said. “So we have to stay consistent. This is what sets us apart from others. We don’t play favorites with crowds. The other side does, but we don’t.

“It’s difficult for me personally because I was outraged by the violence every day this summer. I saw my neighborhood ransacked, ”admitted Gutfeld. The TV host then proclaimed that he had to “condemn” the unrest on Capitol Hill “also because we are not them. We are better than them. “…

“Americans don’t need lectures from hairstyling and makeup hypocrites picking their favorite protesters,” Gutfeld slammed to liberal media pundits. “So I’m glad Democrats are ultimately outraged by this disgusting behavior. Join the club! I’ve been there for a year! I don’t play crowd favorites. “

See the videos below:

Gutfeld’s analysis of the media is perfect.

It is almost impossible to take such hypocrisy seriously.

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