The infection rate in the UK is lower than in countries that cut it; ‘Mutant’ COVID was seen in Brazil eight months ago – Dateway

Although nations around the world are starting to isolate themselves from the UK, banning travel to and from Britain and effectively cutting it off, the infection rate there is LOWER than in many other countries.

As the Daily Mail notes, infection rates in Britain are still lower than in Sweden, Denmark, Croatia and the Netherlands.

Graphic: The Daily Mail

Nonetheless, these countries are isolating themselves from the UK after the government launched a ‘mutant strain’ of COVID to justify another lockdown, without presenting any evidence.

Images have emerged of British travelers detained at foreign airports and tested for COVID against their will.

Meanwhile, the UK government has not closed its borders to any inbound flights:

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There are now fears that there is not enough food on store shelves to support the British population:

Meanwhile, five other countries say they have already detected instances of the ‘mutant strain’, which is declared by the UK government to be 70% more contagious.

Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, Australia and Belgium all say they have seen cases dating back to November.

Scientists working with the UK government also claim that the new ‘supercharged’ strain was present in Brazil EIGHT MONTHS AGO.

“Studies show that the mutation, called N501Y, was spotted in the South American country in April, before resurfacing in Australia and the United States,” reports the London Telegraph.

The report further notes that “senior scientific advisers explained that the N501Y did not cause much concern at the start of the year because it had failed to destroy populations on its own.”

Tension is believed to have spread across the UK since September, but it was only now, days before Christmas, and after Parliament shut down for the holidays, that the government spoke up.

British scientists also state that “the research index of N501Y came from [scientists] who followed this change in South Africa.

“The British and South African variants share the N501Y mutation, but appear to have evolved independently of each other,” the report adds.

The South African Minister of Health suggested on Friday that the new strain present there, called 501.V2, appears to have a more serious effect on young people.

Independent government scientists demand to see evidence that the new strain is as contagious as it has been labeled, with Carl Heneghan, professor of evidence-based medicine in the University of Oxford’s Nuffield Department of Primary Care, expressing skepticism as to how the government reached the 70 percent figure.

“I’ve been doing this job for 25 years and I can say that you can’t come up with a quantifiable number in such a short period of time,” Heneghan said.

“All the experts say it is too early to draw such a conclusion,” added the professor.

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