The left comes to destroy the homeland

Fortunately for all of us, we are not born in the basements of Capitol Hill. Nancy Pelosi plays midwife, Kamala Harris reads us our rights to be male, female, neutral, transgender, liquid, binary, or gaseous, and Joe Biden was walking around nervously waiting for paternity tests. You were not born out of the federal budget. Ordinary people are born to a mother in a more or less familiar environment with minimal state presence in space. We enter this world naked and crying, which is a lovely reminder of how we’ll leave if we don’t go to work asap. Though you may hate crying to get something, the love of those around us will soon make us all the difficulties of being brought into this world in a somewhat involuntary way – at least on our part.

Your family is your first school of life, your school of values ​​and affections. And it is your home where these values ​​are best preserved throughout life. That is why the left has worked hard for decades to destroy the family. Now that they believe they are successful (luckily it is not true, but they believe it because they also believe they can stop climate change), they begin to focus their missiles on the homeland. Any American may find this strange, but the truth is that in the ancient European nations they have been doing it for a long time. And with heartbreaking success.

Every age has its prophets. Sometimes I think that God sent us the Holy Spirit because he knows better than anyone how stupid a person can be. Under the inspiration of Providence, John Paul II anticipated many of the things that unfortunately have happened in the family, the nation, and everywhere we feel rooted in general. In 1994 he wrote “Gratissimam Sane”, his letter to the families. “The family,” he said, “is the basic” cell “of society.” And he later recognized the “almost organic connection between the family and the nation”. He added, “By participating in the nation’s cultural heritage, the family contributes to that specific sovereignty that has its origins in a particular culture and language.”

The problem with the left’s cultural struggles is that they are always destructive. It’s a system that only works when there is inequality and people are feeling very offended somewhere (and people love to discover that something should be very offensive to them). This puts her in a very comfortable position: that of always being ready to shoot something. In this respect, they are similar to duck hunters.

The political system of the left only works when it is against something. Yesterday it was the rich, it must be white men, and tomorrow it could be Daffy Duck’s turn. Therefore, no alternative plan has been drawn up for the destruction of family structures. The ’70s communities, where hippie grandmothers ran around showing off their wrinkled tattoos, smoking joints for breakfast, and babies belonged to everyone and nobody, cannot be seen as a real alternative to family. It was more of a general excess of marijuana, coupled with the need of an entire generation to create their own .

Unable to build alternatives, the left decided to break up the family. That is, they invented so many alternative models that normal families were lost in an immense relativistic haze. Apparently, in the meantime, they have attacked the marriage using the same technique: tarnishing the ground. They even went about what they call sex, which, according to Kamala Harris’ doctrine, can be changed from man and man to woman and sheep without any procedure, other than very difficult to wish.

After the basic cell of society had dissolved, the left also felt it was necessary to dissolve the homeland, which after the family is the main magnet of cultural roots, and our connection to tradition. Multiculturalism was the excuse. They didn’t want to welcome anyone. They just wanted to weaken national identity. That is why they are currently embracing the unthinkable like Islamism when they should be their natural enemy. It’s not that our progressives now like to visit their local mosque and leave their shoes in the entrance. It’s just that they want to get rid of all of the nation’s identity symbols. Your hostility to Christianity comes from the same place: you fight against anything that teaches people to be free and to love our past and our institutions.

They therefore come with burning for their own homeland in a kind of Freudian delirium. The United States will not be an exception. Your main ally will be those who maintain an equidistant stance. The good news is that they will fail. The bad news is that they will bring us their fair share of grief in the meantime.

Itxu Díaz is a Spanish journalist, political satirist and author. He has written nine books on subjects as diverse as politics, music and smart appliances. He is a contributor to the Daily beast, the Daily caller, National review, the American conservative, The American viewer, and Diario Las Américas in the United States and is a columnist for several Spanish magazines and newspapers. He was also an advisor to the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. Follow him on @itxudiaz or visit his :

Translated by Joel Dalmau

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