The Libertas Christian School continued the Michigan mask tenure. The officials have just arrested him.

The Libertas Christian School, a “Bible-based” institution that local officials say is grappling with an “ongoing” coronavirus “epidemic”, has had enough of Michigan’s COVID-19 guidelines.

In a lawsuit in federal court last week against senior state officials – including Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Michigan Attorney General and the director of the Department of Health and Human Services – the school alleges that the state government has made “repeated and unreasonable demands” since it reopened last month, including demanding that all 265 students wear masks.

“It is inappropriate, reckless and unconstitutional to try to adapt current conceptions of the state of how an industrialized industrial school should operate to this Bible-based association,” the lawsuit alleges. The school accuses Michigan officials of “violating the constitutional rights of Libertas, its students, their families and their teachers through threats and intimidation.”

In recent weeks, Ottawa County officials have been at war with the educational institution – which says it serves a “united community, drawn mostly from working-class families at home” – for refusing to ” adhere to the coronavirus guidelines. Health officials took their battle one step further on Thursday: the complete closure of the Hendersonville school.

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