The MAGA insurgency in the Capitol has created a new threat to national security

TThe United States Capitol was invaded on Wednesday. Countless rioters wandered the halls of government unattended. Members of Congress and their staff were evacuated so quickly that computers were left on with windows open and unlocked. The rioters took pictures of themselves sitting behind the desks of some of the most powerful people in our government.

For the next three and a half hours, the Capitol Police basically watched this happen. They were embarrassing outnumbered and arguably had no way of exercising a significant degree of control over the matter. They prioritized protecting members of Congress, but they obviously couldn’t be everywhere.

After hours when the rioters were publicly encouraged to leave, and even invited by the police to leave, an announcement has been made that the invaders had been purged from the Capitol building and things were safe again. It was exactly the wrong thing to do. Instead of chasing them out the door, the police should have locked the doors and arrested everyone inside. Not to punish them (even if they definitely deserved it), but to find out who they were and what they were doing.

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