The moderator of the next debate asks the former White House communications director: “Should I respond to Trump?” – Dateway

In a bizarre tweet that could have been intended as a direct message, the next presidential debate moderator asked former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci for advice on whether to “respond to Trump.”

Steve Scully of CSPAN was recently chosen to host the debate, which will no longer go as planned, prompting Trump supporters to watch his activity more closely.

On Thursday night, Scully tweeted the odd question to Scaramucci, to which the former communications director replied “Ignore.” He spends enough time. Other bad things are about to fall. “

Neither Scaramucci nor Scully have commented further on the tweet at the time of writing.

Other Twitter users wondered what it was:

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The choice of Scully to host the debate raised some eyebrows, given that he had previously been an intern at Biden and reportedly criticized Trump on social media.

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