The most common female name for a voter Biden is ‘Karen’ – Dateway

A study by the New York Times and Siena College found that the most common female given name for someone who votes for Joe Biden is “Karen”.

The numbers show that the Karen are more likely to vote for Biden rather than Trump by a 60/40 margin.

The most common female given name for a Trump voter is “Nancy”, while the most common male first name is “Richard”.

The meme “ Karen ” – which rose to prominence earlier this year, describes an overly interfering, obnoxious and self-sufficient woman who always tries to control the behavior of others and “ complain to the manager. ”

The Left has attempted to hijack the meme by claiming that its common stereotype is a white woman, almost always a Trump supporter, who has unfairly called the police on blacks because she is racist.

Her other main trope was a mentally deficient but loudly noisy white woman who argued with store workers and other customers by refusing to wear a face mask.

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However, as the video below highlights, anecdotal evidence suggests that the ‘Karens’ are just as likely to be vehement left control freaks who are rightly outraged when lecturing others not to wear masks. or maintain “ social distancing ”.

While “ Karen ” is just a meme used to describe the behavior of people who may not be called Karen, the fact that a clear majority of Karens vote for Biden in part helps to reverse the meme used as derogatory to ridicule people. right and Trump supporters.



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