The nanny who witnessed Woody Allen’s ‘shocking’ behavior towards Dylan Farrow arrives

MMost are probably unaware of the charge that helped the investigation into Woody Allen’s alleged sexual abuse against his adopted 7-year-old daughter, Dylan Farrow. It was from Allison Stickland, the nanny of Farrow family friend Casey Pascal, who was at Woody Allen and Mia Farrow’s country house in Connecticut on August 4, 1992.

During the possible custody trial, Stickland, who looked after Pascal’s young children – who were friends with the Farrow children – that day, testified that she saw Allen being inappropriate with Dylan.

“Dylan was sitting upright on the couch and Woody was kneeling directly in front of her, his face resting on Dylan’s lap,” she said. “Her face was very close to her private space.”

Since Dylan was not wearing any underwear that day (according to the testimony of Dylan’s French tutor Sophie Berge, Mia Farrow and their neighbor), Allen was, according to Stickland’s account, burying his face in his bare knees while that Dylan was sitting on a couch. vacant in the direction of a television set. Stickland’s testimony is of particular importance as she was the only adult in the house when the abuse allegedly took place which was do not employed by Allen or Farrow (the other two were Farrow’s nanny Kristi Groteke and Berge).

Like Amy Herdy – an investigative reporter who led research on HBO’s four-part docu-series Allen vs. Farrow“Explain, this incident ultimately led Dylan to confess to his mother that Allen allegedly assaulted her in their attic that day. (Allen denied the allegation and accused Mia Farrow of “training” Dylan.)

“People just need to look at the timeline. You have a nanny [Allison Stickland] who walked into Woody Allen with his face on Dylan’s bare knees. She revealed this to her employer, who was Casey Pascal, that night, ”Herdy told me. “Then Casey told Mia about it, and Mia immediately spoke to Dylan about it the next morning. So that’s a lot of short-term, intensive coaching, if you want to go the coaching route and explore that as a plausible claim. It is not much to do a lot of coaching with a young child.

On Monday afternoon, Stickland appeared on the Allen vs. Farrow podcast with the docuseries crew, Kirby Dick, Amy Ziering and Amy Herdy, to tell him her point of view. Herdy spent two years trying to find Allison Stickland in the UK, before writing postal letters to people by the name of “Allison Stickland” in the UK. Allen vs. Farrow the episodes had locked, so unfortunately she wasn’t part of the docuseries.

“You don’t think anything from all those years ago is going to come back, so it was a shock,” Stickland said. “I didn’t respond very quickly because I had to let it in… I felt, you know, that was something I really had to do, because if I let it and I don’t, that will probably eat away at me. . ”

Next, Stickland discussed how she would supervise the Pascal children at Farrow and Allen’s country house in Connecticut during the summer months and what she thought of the sprawling Farrow clan.

I was shocked. I found it to be very strange. I thought… I didn’t know what to think about it, really. It is not something you expect to see… a situation in which you would expect to see a and a daughter.

“I thought it was a lovely house. Beautiful children, they all got along well. There never seemed to be any sibling rivalry. I would say the older kids had fun with the younger ones. It was just very happy. I wouldn’t say it was troubled at all, ”Stickland described. “I thought [Mia] was lovely. She was a very sweet and gentle woman. Very attentive. You could tell it was so obvious that she adored all of her children.

The filmmakers asked Stickland to remember what happened on August 4, 1992.

“From what I remember, Mrs. Pascal and Mia went shopping for a few hours, and myself, Mia’s babysitter, and this French teacher, we were all at home watching the kids, and Woody came to visit, ”she said. “And at one point in the day I didn’t see one of Mrs. Pascal’s children, so I went into the house to take a look, and I opened the door to this little TV room. , and when I opened it I saw Woody kneeling, kneeling in front of Dylan, his head on his knees.

“I just walked around and turned around and ,” Stickland continued. “I was shocked. I found it to be very strange. I thought… I didn’t know what to think, really. It’s not something you would expect… a situation in which you expect to see a and a daughter. ”

Stickland said she was sure Allen was aware of the intrusion because she had just entered the room normally, as she searched for one of the missing Pascal children. She told the filmmakers that she confided in Ms Pascal about what she saw later that evening during dinner.

“I was just eating and just felt like no, I had to take this off my chest and share it with Ms. Pascal,” Stickland said, adding, “It didn’t seem like normal behavior to me. You don’t expect a to have his head in his little girl’s lap, which is why it bothered me so much. [Allen] Obviously looks at it differently, but it’s not really the kind of proper behavior you would expect from a . “

As for her testimony in court during the custody trial, she said, “All I could do was go tell the truth.”

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