The Nomad Rugged case keeps my phone stylish and protected

The Christmas presents have been opened, the wrapping paper is thrown away and the boxes are broken. If you’re one of the roughly 75 million people who bought a new iPhone for Christmas, you’re probably in the market for a case. Yes, I know the iPhone 12 has “Ceramic Shield” which is stronger than any smartphone glass. But no matter how strong Apple says their nanoscale ceramic crystals that make up the ceramic shield are, I still want a case.

While I respect those who swear by life without a case, I think it makes no sense not to protect such expensive technology – especially technology that contains valuable information and is so vital to our daily lives. But I didn’t want just any cheap iPhone case. I wanted one that I could bring to a business meeting, one that I could bring to a workout and worry about, but also often that was unique to me. I wanted one that could even feel refined and elegant. That’s why I chose to do extensive research to find my perfect iPhone case.

Enter the rugged Nomad iPhone case. This case is the perfect balance between class and protection. I can confidently participate in any activity without worrying about my iPhone being damaged while still being able to walk (or zoom) into a business meeting and feel proud to show off my sturdy and stylish case.

Rugged leather case for iPhone 12

The Horween leather Nomad uses shows the imperfections of a life lived with the phone in tow. I love that it reminds me of my previous efforts. I know from the moment I open my case it becomes unique to me, I also noticed a slightly raised TPE bumper along the front of my screen, helping to resist scratches and shattering on the ceramic shield my iPhone is so proud of makes me feel even more confident that my assistant, Siri, is safe and sound.

It has a gorgeous leather finish, 10ft drop protection, and allows for both wireless charging and MagSafe charging – but these aren’t even the best parts. This iPhone case is also very thin and is available as a folio or normal case. So whether or not you want a place for your credit cards, this is the iPhone case you’ve been waiting for. This is the iPhone case that will stay with you until it’s time for an iPhone upgrade. Even then, I will look to Nomad for everything their ingenious engineers have made.

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