‘The Office’ star Oscar Nuñez broke his toe to give you ‘social distance’

A A few weeks ago Oscar Nuñez started filming his episode of Netflix’s new quarantine anthology Social distance– a sweet and funny macabre 20 minutes during which Office alum plays a devoted son trying to bring the family together for Zoom’s funeral of their father. All the material had arrived in crates, and he and his wife, actress Ursula Whittaker, set it up before filming began.

“You think, ‘What can go wrong? “Nuñez told The Daily Beast in a recent interview.” You shoot in your own house! ”

He knew very little.

“I kicked a stone vase; it doesn’t move, it’s rock, it’s just on the ground and it doesn’t move, ”Nuñez said. “… He weighs hundreds of pounds, it’s like rock.”

The adrenaline helped Nuñez pass, unaware that he had broken his toe until filming was over hours later.

The fall TV show has become a frenzy for creators keen to deal with our heartbreaking reality on screen. It’s a growing genre that also includes entries like those from HBO. Coastal elites and NBC Link… And as my colleague Kevin Fallon recently observed, Social distance is the strongest and most elegant entry of the canon.

The episode starring Nuñez, “A Celebration of the Cycle of Human Life,” comes from director Diego Velasco. A deliciously frozen Daphne Rubin-Vega, Nuñez and Guillermo Díaz play bickering children. Miguel Sandoval, who starred as Amy Adams’ paternal editor in Sharp objects– plays their father’s longtime partner, who delivers the episode’s heartwarming closing eulogy.

Nuñez has not had to attend any remote funerals, but two of his relatives contracted COVID-19 and recovered.

The younger of the two, a nephew living in the actor’s home state of New Jersey, is in good shape but has lost his sense of smell, the actor said. The eldest, a cousin 5 years older than Nuñez, had more difficulties.

“It kicked him in the butt,” Nuñez said. “She has recovered and she is still not back to normal. And that was weeks and weeks ago.

Ten years ago, Nuñez came aboard the 2010 Miss USA pageant as a judge – a job that put him and Whittaker face to face with Donald Trump just before he started to pitch. in the idea of ​​a presidential candidacy.

“It was good!” Nuñez said of the meeting. “That was before he got into politics… He was an ordinary businessman, which suited me perfectly.

A year earlier, controversy erupted over a question from Judge Perez Hilton about gay marriage months after Prop 8 went through last November. When Miss California USA 2009 Carrie Prejean lost the competition, Hilton said her response cost her the crown – angering her supporters who questioned the blogger’s ethics.

As Nuñez took the stage, the producers of the contest asked him to ask a new political question for this year about the candidate’s views on an immigration law in Arizona. The actor didn’t feel like putting a 19-year-old girl on the hook, so he agreed to ask the question only if he could give her a withdrawal – ending the question by asking if she thought that such matters should be federal or state mandated.

“So that’s the question I asked, but before I even finished the audience booed,” Nuñez said.

After years of sustained discussions on immigration, deportation and separation of children, one would hope that the issue will get better today. For now, however, Nuñez is just looking forward to November. (“Two more weeks.”) He votes for Biden and very ready for the end of the presidential election. In his words, “We’re just super stressed and pissed off.”

Apart from that? “Basically we’re fine… We live in America and we wear masks.”

Nuñez was born in Cuba months before Fidel Castro’s revolution ousted US-backed dictator Fulgencio Batista on New Year’s Eve in 1959. His family immigrated to the US at age 2; as he recently said Page six, his uncle spent 20 years as a political prisoner under the Castro dictatorship.

Cubans are a unique voting bloc in the United States – a bloc that, perhaps better than any other group, proves just how empty the concept of ‘Latino voting’ really is. While 58% of Cubans said they identify as or lean on Republicans in a 2020 Pew Research survey, 65% of non-Cuban Hispanic voters leaned on Democrats. As Pew notes, younger generations of Cuban voters have tended to soften Republican support within the community.

Nuñez grew up bilingual, attending an Irish Catholic school in New Jersey, eating Cuban food while honing what he describes as “white brotherhood boy” sensibilities. So he knows better than anyone that there is no unified “Latino” experience – nor a voting model.

Speaking of the legendary ‘Latino vote’, Nuñez said: “It’s easy to talk about it. And that’s what it’s all about: making things tasty and easy to consume en masse. “

“If you go up and say, ‘Oh, you’re all from Britain,’ and there’s a guy from Wales, Scotland, or Ireland, they’re going to say, ‘No, I I’m not, ”added Nuñez. “But here we are all ‘Latinos’ when in fact it is Honduras, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rican, Dominican Republic and Cuba. It’s too hard to think about it – they’re all different.

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