The people chose Joe Biden as our president. Will Donald Trump and his GOP accept this?

Joseph Robinette Biden is the elected president. We know the will of the people, and while it has been a heartbreaking week, the final tally is not so close. In the popular vote, Biden, with the most votes of any candidate in history, leads Donald Trump by nearly 3 million votes, a number that will grow as the still-slow California fills up. And in terms of electoral votes, it looks like the number could be 306 – maybe less, if Arizona doesn’t hold up, maybe more, if North Carolina somehow follows the lead. lane of Georgia once it begins to count absentees. But the point is, it won’t be just 270 or 271.

Regardless of the number, people have spoken. Yes, a lot of states were close. But many states were also close in 2016; in addition, Donald Trump lost the popular vote of 2.8 million. But he never admitted for a moment that his victory was anything less than legitimate. And according to the rules, that was his right. Even I reluctantly admitted it at the time, writing that “it was Trump who won in a dubious way – although I unfortunately cannot say that it was not in the way the founders intended. .

Biden will have achieved a victory similar to that of Trump in electoral terms (Trump won 304 electoral votes), but with the added moral support that he will be the clear winner, perhaps by 4% or more, of the popular vote. In a country as divided as ours, 4% is not that close. So the will of the people here is clear.

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