The real political heroes of this year’s dumpster fire

AIn the midst of the hellish parade of disappointments in this endless year of 2020, real heroes have emerged. The obvious examples include doctors, nurses and frontline workers, not to mention the scientists and innovators who work to create and distribute vaccines.

But what I’m talking about are the Politics courage profiles. This year, a handful of heroes have had the courage to stand up to their own parties and tribes, often at the risk of alienating their supporters and endangering their policies (and, increasingly, physical) lives. Those who seized the opportunity during these rare and defining moments of 2020 deserve our praise and attention.

Let’s start with Gabriel Sterling, the Voting System Implementation Officer for the State of Georgia, who gave that impassioned “Stop” speech in December, calling on those who threaten to violate the election results. “Mr. President, you haven’t condemned these actions or this language,” scolded Sterling, Republican Donald Trump. Then he turned to Trump’s catalysts. “It’s the backbone of democracy. He said, “and all of you who haven’t said a damn word are complicit in it. That’s too much.”

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