The secret lives of 42 mafia women currently on trial in Italy mixed with murders, weapons and drugs

ROME – In the heart of Calabria, one of Italy’s wildest and most beautiful southern regions, one of the biggest mafia trials Italy has ever seen start on Wednesday in a transformed call center into a huge courtroom, which authorities say can hold 1,000 mobsters, lawyers, and socially distant turners and safe enough to prevent the bombings.

Cages line the perimeter of the room for some of the 355 defendants who are linked to the ‘Ndrangheta’ crime syndicate, which experts say is now the most powerful in the world with the financial might of Deutsche Bank and McDonald’s combined, and annual sales of $ 64 billion, primarily in intercontinental drug sales. Massive screens hang from the ceilings where those too dangerous to be taken from prison will testify via video link in what looks like a massive Zoom meeting. Outside the building, two security checks are in place as well as a COVID test point to try to prevent this mega-test from turning into a mass-market event.

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