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The Spectator reports Britain sees fastest decline in Covid cases worldwide

the Spectator added a new table to its data center, where the current level of Covid infection is in different countries around the world compared to the peak.

This shows Britain has seen the biggest decline in the developed world, with cases now 97% below their peak on January 9, 2021.

Spectator Editor Fraser Nelson writes:

Britain has had one of the world’s worst Covid deaths: today’s success has to be seen in this context. The severity of the UK spread has left recovery higher, even in unvaccinated age groups (almost half of those under 25 have antibodies, according to ONS), limiting the size of any third wave. UCL says we’ll hit collective tomorrow: we discuss it in the latest edition of The Spectator’s Coffee House Shots podcast. In general, Covid has returned to (or below) its summer levels and almost everyone at risk of fatal infection has been protected.

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