The Supreme Court destroys what was left of its legitimacy

The Court ruling this week to ban all mail and mail ballots in Wisconsin received after Election Day has nothing to do with US law or the US Constitution, and everything to do with politics.

For decades, conservative justices – the justice Republican appointed to the Court – have declared themselves to be “strict builders” of the Constitution, preventing them from influencing issues and cases where there is no flagrant violations of the Constitution. federal law or provision. However, all this talk of restraint on moderation has been swept away by this purely decision designed to tip the scales of justice in favor of the outgoing president. In a 5-3 decision minutes before the Senate vote on Monday night on Amy Coney Barrett’s appointment to court, he rejected Democratic calls to reinstate a six-day extension for receiving mail-in ballots in Wisconsin, giving no explanation for the decision.

This Wisconsin ruling, which defies fundamental principles of fairness and logic, sets the stage for the rejection of ballots that are canceled before election day but received after it through no fault of voters and the proceeds of a postal service. intentionally disabled. This move is particularly egregious since Trump-appointed Judge Brett Kavanaugh felt compelled to weigh in on cruelly credible opinion, confirming Trump’s unsupported view that votes counted after Election Day would be necessarily tainted with fraud. Kavanaugh warned that “rigged election charges could explode” if late ballots altered the perceived outcome, as if the election were to be arbitrarily deemed to be over on election night, before all the ballots had even been counted. . Kavanaugh further spoke of the fact that election results were “turned upside down” by ballots counted after election night, as if postal votes were worth less than in-person votes counted on election day.

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