The Supreme Court’s expansion law faces serious blockades across the political spectrum

“I believe that as events progress, when the court makes decisions that destroy a woman’s right to vote, when they make decisions that destroy the climate, when they make decisions that destroy civil liberties, and others will come along” said Nadler.

But Nadler wasn’t exactly energetic when asked if he would bring it to the judicial committee’s vote. “We have to see where it fits into our schedule, but I’m expecting it,” he said.

Johnson suggested that another reason for the bill could be to cut some of the rulings that the Democrats are speaking out against before they enter. “The court needs to know that people are watching,” he said.

The threat to expand the Supreme Court may explain why it has taken the judges a long time to decide what to do with a closely watched challenge to a Mississippi bill that some see as an opportunity for the Supreme Court to undermine the constitutional right to abortion for the first time in Roe v. Wade set from 1973.

“There are few circumstances under which I can imagine Congress expanding the Court of Justice, but a big, clear reversal of Roe could be an exception.” tweeted Mary Ziegler, a law professor at Florida State University who has published two books on the history of abortion in America.

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